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Nancy E. O'Malley
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Mark Hutchins

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Detentions & Contacts
Investigative Detentions
Special Needs Detentions
Traffic Stops
Investigative Contacts

Most Recent Article
2010 Investigative Detentions
2010 Special Needs Detentions
2003 Traffic Stops
2014 Investigative "Contacts"

Arrest Warrants
Entry to Arrest
Out-of-County Arrests
Citizens' Arrests
Post-Arrest Procedure

Most Recent Article
2017 Arrests
2017 Arrest Warrants
2017 Entry to Arrest
2004 Out-of-County Felony Arrests
2007 Citizens' Arrests
2017 Post-Arrest Procedure

Searches: Basic
Consent Searches
Consent Searches
Pat Searches
Searches Incident to Arrest
Entry and Search for Arrestee (Ramey)
Vehicle Searches
Probation and Parole Searches
Exigent Circumstance Searches

Most Recent Article
2015 Consent Searches
2015 Third-Party Consent
2008 Pat Searches
2011 Searches Incident to Arrest
2012 Entry to Arrest (Ramey)
2016 Vehicle Searches
2016 Probation and Parole Searches
2018 Exigent Circumstances

Searches: Special
Voice mail, Email, and Text Msg Searches
Phone, Internet, and Email Metadata
Financial Records
Workplace Searches
Searches on School Grounds
Booking Searches
Police Trespassing

Most Recent Article
2012 Electronic Communications
2012 Electronic Communications Records
2006 Financial Records
2000 Workplace Searches
2007 Searches and Detentions ...
2005 "Second Look" .. Prisoners' Prop.
2003 Police Trespassing

Search Warrants
Search Warrants
Special Procedures
Executing Warrants

Most Recent Article
2011 Search Warrants
2011 Search Warrant Special Procedures
2013 Executing Search Warrants

Probable Cause
Principles of Probable Cause
Reliability of Information and Sources
Probable Cause to Arrest
Probable Cause to Search

Most Recent Article
2014 The Principles of Probable Cause
2014 Probable Cause: Reliability of Info
2014 Probable Cause to Arrest
2015 Probable Cause to Search

Search-Related Procedures
Protective Sweeps
Knock and Talks
Plain View
Searches by Civilians and Police Agents

Most Recent Article
2017 Knock-Notice
2011 Protective Sweeps
2014 Knock and Talks
2015 Plain View
2007 Searches by Civilians & Police...

Intercepting Prisoner Communications
Electronic Surveillance

Most Recent Article
2007 Police Surveillance
2017 Intercepting Prisoner Comm...
See "Phone, Internet, and Email Metadata"

When Waivers are Required
Post-Invocation Questioning

Most Recent Article
2012 Miranda: When Compliance Is Compulsory
2013 Miranda Waivers
2013 Miranda Invocations
2013 Post-Invocation Questioning

Questioning Suspects: Other Issues
Questioning Accomplices (Aranda)
Questioning Charged Suspects
Questioning By Police Agents (Massiah)
Recording Staged Communications

Most Recent Article
2011 Questioning Accomplices
2016 Questioning Defendants
2016 Surreptitious Questioning
2017 Interrogation
2016 Recording Staged Communications

Miscellaneous Subjects
Lineups and Showups
Digital Photos and Confessions
Testifying in Court

Most Recent Article
2011 Lineups and Showups
2010 Standing
2010 Entrapment
2004 Digital Photos and Confessions
2018 Testifying in Court

Motions to Suppress Evidence
Motions to Disclose Informants
Motions to Disclose Surveillance Site
Harvey-Madden Motions

Most Recent Article
2003 Averting Evidence Suppression
2017 Informants: Protecting Their Id...
2001 Protecting Surveillance Sites
2005 Harvey-Madden