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Recent Cases

People v. Anthony
(2019) 32 Cal.App.5th 1102
ISSUE: After a suspect in a gang-related murder invoked his right to counsel, did a detective violate Miranda by questioning him about a related murder?

People v. Korte
(9th Cir. 2019) 918 F.3d 750
ISSUE: Did officers violate the Fourth Amendment by conducting a warrantless search of the defendant's car and by installing a GPS tracking device?

People v. Orozco
(2019) 32 Cal.App.5th 802
ISSUE: Did officers violate Miranda when, after a murder suspect invoked, they placed him in a room with his girlfriend and asked her to question him about the crime?

People v. Westerfield
(2019) 6 Cal.App.5th 632
ISSUE: In the investigation into the abduction and murder of a seven-year old girl, did the affidavits in support of five search warrants establish probable cause?