California Criminal Investigation

CCI 2023 Manual

What's going to happen? Because the voters of Alameda County have elected a District Attorney who resents law enforcement, it is likely that the new DA will dispense with California Criminal Investigation and CCI Online when she takes office on January 3rd. Even worse, the the new DA might continue to publish CCI, but rewrite it to reflect her unique views on “proper” police procedure. (FYI: The copyright for CCI is held by the DA, not the writer.) The good news is that the 27th annual edition of California Criminal Investigation is now in production, and we promise to ship as many copies as we can before January 3rd. Mark Hutchins

Pre-order: You can now pre-order the 2023 edition of California Criminal Investigation. Note: The price is $80 per copy, the same as 2022. As usual, we expect to ship all pre-orders in mid-December.

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