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Point of View

Point of View has been published by the Alameda County District Attorney's Office since 1970. Its purpose is to provide officers, prosecutors, and judges with original articles and recent case reports pertaining to all phases of police field operations and criminal investigations in California. Point of View is published in January, May, and September.

If you subscribed to the Point of View hard copy after May 22, 2017, you will not receive a copy of the Spring-Summer edition. Your subscription will start with the Fall 2017 edition. But you can download a copy of the Spring-Summer 2017 edition by clicking on "Enter Point of View Online" (below) then click on "2017 Editions."

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California Criminal Investigation

NOW SHIPPING: We are now shipping the 2017 edition of California Criminal Investigation. If you haven't seen CCI yet, it's a reference manual in which we have organized and condensed the rules and principles pertaining to criminal investigations in California. Written for officers, prosecutors, and judges, CCI is both comprehensive and authoritative, as it is based on over 30 years of legal research and the published decisions of the United States Supreme Court, the California Supreme Court, the California Court of Appeal, and the twelve federal circuit courts. The coverage is thorough, but concise and practical. For example, case citations, examples, notes, and comments have been placed in the endnote section so as to keep the main text trim and easily accessible. CCI 2017--which is the 21st annual edition--contains 706 pages, with over 3,400 endnotes including comments, examples, significant quotes from court opinions, and over 13,000 case citations.

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See 2017 Chapter 33 Update (Supplement to CCI 2017)

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CCI Online

CCI Online contains all of the information in the manual plus continual updates, a global word search feature, and links to articles and case reports published in Point of View.

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